1 Australia is divided into nine states or territories. Which one is the largest in terms of area? 
2 What is the primary (main) colour of the rooster on a pack of Kellogg Corn Flakes? 
3 The kingdom of Denmark comprises Denmark proper, the Faroe Islands, and which other island, three quarters of which is covered by the only permanent ice sheet outside Antarctica?

Name these four celebrities from pictures from when they were young.

5 The mediaeval nation states of Aragon and Castile can be found in which modern day country?
6 In the lyrics of the Pink Floyd song, the first line is “We Don’t Need No Education”. What does the second line say we don’t need 
7 In Ireland they are called the Silver Sparrows, in the USA they are called the Blue Angels , in China they are called August 1st, in Sweden they are called Team 60 and in the U.K. they are the Red Arrows. What specific thing do they all have in common?

Name these six celebrities that have some connection to food somewhere in their names.

9 Which famous person, who died in 1506 and was initially buried in Valladolid in Spain had his body moved first of all to Sevilla, then transported across the Atlantic to Santo Domingo, then to Havana, and now finally rests again in Sevilla Cathedral? 

Name the countries where these are the capital cities. All the answers start with the letters D,E,F or G.


Name these four songs that were amongst the best selling songs of the 1950’s

12 Two answers required here. Name the two largest (in size) of the predatory, or man eating, sharks.
13 There are three countries that are members of the European Economic Area (EEA) but not in the European Union. Norway is one, name the other two of them. Note: The EEA is not the same as the single market. 

Name the films where you would see these fictional dragons, alternatively name the dragon

15 In 2007 the list of the seven wonders of the world was changed. Six of the old seven were removed and a new list was produced to make up the new seven wonders of the world.   Which one of these new seven is closest to Malmö? 
16 Which colour is also the 5th most popular surname in the US?
17 Which character in The Simpsons owned a shop in the Shopping Mall called the Leftorium. Was it;
a) Edna Krabappel b) Krusty the Clown,
c) Ned Flanders

Identify these four U.S. States based on their descriptions on Wikipedia


Which of these four events came first; Man walks on the moon, The first

episode of Star Trek airs on TV, Richard Nixon elected president of the USA,

China sends its first manned mission into space?


Since the year 2000, “United in Diversity” is the official motto for what?

  1. European Union,  
  2. NATO,  
  3. International Olympic Committee
21 True or False, New Zealand only has two kinds of mammals natíve to the country?

You will hear two clips from two different movies. You will hear each clip three times. For each clip identify the name of the film, the name of the actor/actress and the name of the character. One of the movies was released in 1993 whilst the other in 2006. 

01 Western Australia
02 Green
03 Greenland

a) Madonna
b) Barack Obama
c) Dwayne Johnson
d) Ariana Grande

05 Spain
06 Thought Control
07 Acrobatic Air Display Teams
run by national Air Forces

Meat Loaf

a) Meat Loaf
b) Ginger Rogers
c) Tim Curry
d) John Candy
e) Vanilla Ice
f) Halle Berry

09 Christopher Columbus 
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • Ethiopia
  • Fiji
  • Finland
  • Georgia
  • Ghana
  • Greece

a) Johnny B. Goode
     Chuck Berry

b) That’ll Be the Day
     Buddy Holly & the Crickets
c) All Shook Up
    Elvis Presley
d) Tutti Frutti
     Little Richard


Great White Shark

Tiger Shark





a)How to Train Your Dragon
b) The Hobbit (Smaug)
c) Alice in Wonderland (Jabberwock)
d) Shrek (Dragon or Elizabeth)

15 The Colosseum 
16 Brown
17 c) Ned Flanders

a) Nevada
c) Colorado


Star Trek (1966)

(Nixon 1968, Moon 1969, China 2003)


a) European Union



Bats and dolphins/whale


a) The Devil Wears Prada
b) Meryl Streep
c) Miranda Priestly
d) Jurassic Park
e) Jeff Goldblum
f) Dr. Ian Malcolm