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The Nordic Countries


Who is the only Nordic mythological  character to have appeared in their own comic book series and be a title character in the Marvel Cinematic universe?


Ingvar Kamprad set up his Enterprise in the Swedish city of Almhult (pronounced Elmhult) in 1943. Today it is the largest in its area.  What company is it?
** Important words are bolded.


Despite being initially founded by his father J.C. Jacobsen in 1843 his son Carl opened its first factory in 1882. This brewery went on to become probably one of the most well known in the world. What is the name of this company?


Which Swedish football team have won more Swedish titles than any other, qualified twice for the group stages of the champions league in recent years and played in the group stages of the Europa League in the 22/23 season. This club is also where Zlatan Ibrahimovic started his career. What club are we talking about?


Which of Shakespeare’s plays was set in Kronborg castle in Denmark?


Denmark has only two land borders. One is with Germany, what is the other one?


The world’s first amusement park was created in Denmark in 1583 just outside Copenhagen. What is it called?


In Norse mythology Yggdrasil (pronounced Igg – dra – seal) is the tree of life. In the roots of the tree are three worlds, one for the humans, one for the giants and one for the underworld. Name any one of the three worlds, 


In 1932 Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christensen created a company in a woodwork shop in Billund Denmark This company went on to become one of the most valuable in the world and for many Danes it is the pride of Denmark. What company are we talking about?


True or false – All Scandinavian countries are on Central European Time (see note below for definition of Scandinavia)


The Finnish town of Rovaniemi is allegedly the home of which famous mythical person! 


Which Finnish composer composed Finlandia and The Karelian Suite?


The Scream by Edvard Munch is on display in his home country. In the national museum of which capital city would you be able to see it.


How many of the Nordic countries share a land border with Russia. 


In 1397 a union between Norway, Sweden and Denmark under one king was put in place. It lasted until 1534 when the Swede Gustav Vasa brought it to an end.. The union is named after a Swedish city in Smaland county.  What is the name of the union. 


What is the currency of Iceland?


In terms of population, what is the largest capital city of the Nordic countries! 


When the rest of the Nordic countries celebrate New Year at midnight on New Years Eve, what time is it in Iceland? 


Iceland gained its independence in 1944 from which other Nordic country?


When Lord of the Rings was published in Danish the drawings were created by a Dane who used the pen name of Ingehild Grathmer. When the books were finally published in 1977 Ingehild was busy doing her other job. By what well known name is she better known since 1972? 

1. Thor


3. Carlsberg

4. Malmö FF

5. Hamlet

6. Canada (Hans Island)

7. Bakken

8. Jotunheim (Giants), Hel (The Underworld), Midgard (humans)

9. Lego

10. True

11. Santa Claus

12. Sibelius

13. Oslo

14. Two

15. The Kalmar Union

16. Krona

17. Stockholm

18. 11pm

19. Denmark

20. Queen Margartha of Denmark.

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